Ralph V. Brooks is a derived author from Eufaula, Alabama born from a background of hard-working and determined parents, Mary and Ralph Brooks, Sr. With his father only having a third grade education and his mother an eighth, Ralph, Jr. was very much eager and committed to learning the fundamentals of reading. Upon making it to the fourth grade, Mrs. Emma S. Mask, Ralph’s English teacher, noticed a spark in his eyes for his embracing desire to learn to read. At the time, Brooks was struggling and falling behind his classmates who were learning to read and comprehend their assignments on a more advanced level.

Brooks states, “I was often afraid to pronounce certain words and felt so embarrassed that I could not seek help from those nearest to me”. Brooks’ motivation grew from his inability to read in 1972 to now being a notable author who has published six books to date. In 2004, Brooks wrote his first book “Day by Day Living with Epilepsy” as a self-help guide to educate individuals about seizures. In 2006, Brooks wrote “#89 the Road to Number One” a memoir about Brooks playing high school sports and being a player on the 1981 Football State Champions team in Eufaula, Alabama. Between 2018-2019 Ralph Brooks wrote and published four children’s books in both English and Spanish. One of the books named “Three Words” was dedicated to the Philippines to show appreciation for the abundance of love given to him and his best friend, Darrell Ingram, Vice President of Brooks –n- Books, during their travel that started in 2010 and continues today.

According to a 2011 report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “A first grader who reads below grade level is at a marked disadvantage, and teachers might have to spend additional time helping the child catch up. Children who don’t read at grade level by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of school”. With this being said, Ralph believes his books are one added value to help the fight against illiteracy and break the barrier of children reading below their grade levels. “

(Right) Ralph V. Brooks, President of Brooks-n-Books, Left Darrell Ingram, Vice-President (Left)